"Outdoors at Last" is built of chapters that do fundraising banquets and other types of fundraiser to help the youth of their communities. We are looking for people that would like to be part of this organization: people who love the outdoors and want to share their outdoors abilities with young people.

Your only pay is the smile on a young person's face after a successful day outdoors

Hunting trip that includes the entire family. Children who hunt are usually  given a back pack full of hunting goodies that include binoculars, flashlight, knife, Thermacell, hat, gloves, and other items.  Some hunts come with a complete set of camo clothing and boots. Guns are furnished for the young hunters. A safety course by a certified instructor is given prior to the young hunters handling a gun. The families are furnished food and lodging and great fellowship during the hunt. The young hunters are shown how to dress and process their harvest and the meat is prepared for them. Hunts may include deer,bear,hog,turkey,duck,swan,dove and all kinds of small game.

Fishing trips are offered in several locations and can consist of Cat fishing on a lake, Crappie fishing in a pond or offshore fishing for the big boy.

If you would like to help young people in your area get out and enjoy the outdoors by starting your own "Outdoors At Last" Youth Adventures chapter, or if you just want more information about us, please contact us We'll be happy to tell you about this great youth organization.

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                             YOUTH ADVENTURES

What We Offer

"Outdoors At Last" Youth Adventures was started by a group of great outdoors people who want to carry the heritage of hunting, fishing, trapping and just being outdoors to the next generation. They realized  that  many young people today would like to hunt and fish and enjoy the outdoors, but in many cases there is either no  one to show them proper direction, or they have no place to go. We are dedicated to opening this door for as many of today's youth as possible with EMPHASIS on SPECIAL NEEDS and MILITARY FAMILIES.

Our mission is to teach each young person proper gun safety, as well as safety in the woods and on the water. The volunteers that work with these young  people are not only qualified in their field, they are CHRISTIANS and are dedicated to helping each youngster appreciate  GODS great creations in the outdoors and learn the stewardship that those precious resources require.

We at "Outdoors At Last" are committed to do everything  possible to provide hunting, fishing, and outdoor activities to youth  with special needs, as well as children of our military families. We will offer exclusive hunts and fishing trips to these young people and their families.


We take young people hunting and fishing

With emphsis on special needs and military families

​"No man is so tall as when he stoops to help a child"

-Abraham Lincoln-